Harmony Audio produces all main types of fuses including automotive blade fuses such as Micro, Low-profile mini, Mini, ATO (Regular/Standard), Maxi; fast-acting glass tube fuses; ceramic type European style fuses and others (currently available AFS, AGC, AGU, ANL, Mini ANL, ATC, ATL, ATM, Mini ATM, ATR, GBC, Maxi, MIDI etc) in various amperage ratings.

Includes everything you need for a clean professional installation and connection of your power-hungry amplifier!

Harmony Audio produces a large variety of wiring harnesses for the majority of aftermarket stereo/radio receivers. Our harness cables come with clearly marked color coded wires. All you have to do is to attach the color-coded wires on your harness to the wires from your new stereo.

Harmony Audio has antenna adaptors for every vehicle which allow you to connect your factory radio antenna to your new aftermarket car stereo avoiding the splicing of your factory antenna wire.

Our Motorola style 12" extension cable can extend your antenna cable without any cutting. Fits aftermarket or factory radios.

Automatic 12 Volt 31” Mast OEM Power Antenna Replacement. Features 6 mounting base options, 3 wire connections, 5 section stainless steel mast, Motorola style antenna connector and fully automatic operation.

Universal ultra-conductive corrosion resistant car audio positive and negative battery terminals with nickel-plated finish. Come in 2/4/8 gauge sizes, and include hex set screw for a tight connection.

Car Stereo Butt Connectors for the crimp style connections.

Universal Car/Marine Stereo Manual Resettable 12V Circuit Breakers.

Car Stereo Distribution Blocks available in a various configurations (2-Way, 3-Way, 4-Way, AGU, MIDI, Non-Fused etc.). Universal, ultra-conductive, nickel-plated finish, 4Ga input/8Ga output, hex set screw for tight connection.