Pro Audio

Concert Series

The Concert Series Speakers feature a large powerful amplifier, an active multi-input mixer, a high-quality woofer and a 1" titanium compression tweeter combined with a 2-Way cabinet designed to project audio loud and wide with an excellent sound clarity.

Live Series

The Live Series represent our All-in-one Speakers that feature multiple cutting-edge technologies fused into a single powered 2-Way PA cabinet – an amplifier, a high-quality woofer and a 1.35" titanium compression tweeter and a mixer that includes multi-media playback with Bluetooth, USB, SD Card, FM Radio, LCD display, 5-band graphic EQ and wireless remote control along with traditional line and mic inputs.

Venue Series

The Venue Series Passive PA Speakers are the ultimate combination of performance and value all in one durable cabinet with built-in (2) Speakon and (2) 1/4" TRS ports (in the parallel configuration) for daisy chaining multiple speakers together which saves time and simplifies setup.


We offer a large variety of PA accessories – portable aluminum DJ facades, oxygen free copper XLR, 1/4" Jack and Speakon speaker cables and multi-channel XLR snake cable boxes available in different channel configurations and cable lengths. We have everything you need for your PA System!


Whether you’re looking for a speaker stand, a microphone or an instrument stand, or even a lighting stand – we’ve got you covered! Our wide assortment of lightweight, portable, heavy-duty stands available in different sizes and designs won’t leave you disappointed. All our stands feature high weight capacity, wide range of adjustable height levels, compact foldable design, aluminum/steel construction, multiple mounting points and strong locking twist knobs to securely hold everything in place.