Car Audio

Our loaded enclosures come in multiple sizes, single or dual sub configurations, and they feature custom designed vented ports for extra efficiency and cooling, high-quality MDF wood construction, durable black and grey carpet, embroidered Harmony Audio logo and a spring-loaded push terminal cup. Available series: Rhythm, Flatline, Monolith and Carbon. Choose the one that best fits your needs.

We make full-range speakers available in different sizes and mounting configurations to directly replace your vehicle’s factory speakers dramatically improving the look and the sound quality. Whether it’s the Rhythm Series with its polypropylene cone and 1/2" PEI dome tweeter or the Carbon Series with fiberglass cone and 1” silk dome tweeter, our speakers profoundly change the listening experience reproducing music like the artist intended.

All subwoofers feature interwoven tinsel leads for increased durability, large slotted vents and fin shaped heatsinks for a quicker cool down and spring loaded push terminals for the ultimate connection and power transfer. Depends on the series you choose R, F, ML, C or A the sub will either has a polypropylene, paper, aluminum or carbon fiber cone. Whatever your preferences are, all our subs deliver a great performance with a clean and smooth bass response in virtually any style sub box.

We carry a wide range of car audio accessories, installation hardware and supplies available in different sizes and designs such as aftermarket radio replacement harnesses, amp kits, antennas, antenna adapters, antenna extensions, battery terminals, butt connectors, circuit breakers, distribution blocks, factory radio replacement harnesses, fuses, fuse holders, jumper cables, power wires, RCA interconnects, ring terminals, sound dampening sheets, speaker adapters, speaker harnesses, speaker wires, sub install kits, wire couplers and wire reducers etc. We’ll help you to find all of the car audio installation parts and accessories you need!

Harmony Audio Alloy Series amplifiers are engineered for the maximum power output and available in Class D including (3) Mono Block and (1) Four Channel models to choose from. Our amps are exclusive and differ from any other amps currently available on the market due to their ability to chain a 2nd amplifier or accessory with our HA-EASY adapter, ability to be controlled via DC voltage offset or the traditional 12 volt switched remote turn on lead and bigger metal knobs for finger adjustments. All single channel models include a remote amp bass controller.