R Series

R Series

Upgrade Your Factory Speakers

Harmony Audio Rhythm Series is our entry line speakers, yet made out of premium materials and are designed to directly replace the factory speakers of your car. Unlike most factory speakers which are typically made out of cheap materials like paper and don’t have tweeters causing lost of the upper frequency range, our speakers are built from high quality materials like polypropylene cones, durable rubber surrounds and they all come with 1/2" or larger PEI dome tweeters which dramatically improves sound quality and reproduces music like the artist intended it. Key Features:

  • Direct Fit OEM Replacement Size

  • Polypropylene Injection Molded Cone

  • Butyl Rubber Surround

  • PEI Neodymium Magnet Dome Tweeter

  • Passive Tweeter Crossover

  • Steel Basket

  • Ferrite Magnet

  • Kapton Former Material

The speakers are available in a wide range of sizes and packages.

Best Fit For Every Need

Harmony Audio offers 7 different models of speakers in different sizes and mounting configurations so you could find speakers that best fit your needs. Many of them include multiple mounting hole positions so they can be installed in almost any vehicle. The speakers feature high powered but slim magnets that will fit into even the tightest door panel or shallow mount dash. Another unique feature is the PEI dome tweeters which do not extend past the frame of the speaker which is important when installing a door panel back into its factory fit location.

R Series
Model HA-R35 HA-R4 HA-R46 HA-R5 HA-R65 HA-R68 HA-R69
Size (inch) 3-1/2 4 4x6 5-1/4 6-1/2 5x7 & 6x8 6x9
Peak Power (watts) 90 150 120 225 300 225 450
RMS Power (watts) 30 50 40 75 100 75 150
Sensitivity (dB) 88 88 88 90 90 90 92
Frequency Response 85Hz-20kHz 60Hz-20kHz 50Hz-20kHz 45Hz-20kHz 40Hz-20kHz 45Hz-20kHz 30Hz-20kHz
Mounting Depth (inch) 1-5/8 2-3/16 2-1/4 2-1/16 2-3/8 2-1/4 3-3/8
Mounting Cutout Diameter (inch) 3-1/16 3-11/16 3-7/16 x 5-9/16 4-1/2 5-11/16 4-15/16 x 7-1/16 6-1/8 x 8-11/16
Voice Coil (Ohm) Single 4 Single 4 Single 4 Single 4 Single 4 Single 4 Single 4
Tweeter Size (inch) 1/2 1/2 1/2 1/2 1/2 1/2 1/2 & 1
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