C Series

C Series

Carbon The Choice You Won’t Regret

The Carbon Series Loaded Sub Box Enclosures are the ideal choice for your daily needs. Woofers have lightweight carbon fiber cones which is one of the strongest and lightest material available. They’re much stronger than paper cones or even aluminum, and they have more natural sound. Some of the key features are:

  • Fiber Lightweight Cone

  • Stitched High Roll Foam Surround

  • Tinsel Leads Woven into Spider

  • Die-Cast Aluminum Basket

  • High Flux Ferrite Magnet

In addition to rigidness and elegance, Carbon Series subs can handle an enormous power loads. Thanks to the custom designed dual vented port built with the properly calculated volume and tuned to the correct frequency for the subwoofer, these subs will give you goosebumps with it’s massive bass.

Ultimate Solution For Your Trunk

Harmony Audio Loaded Enclosures were designed with one thing in mind, big time bass output while being the smallest psychical footprint possible. Ported enclosures are generally more efficient which allows you to use a smaller amplifier and the air flowing in and out of the port help to keep the subwoofer cooler in your trunk, especially during the hot days. High quality MDF wood construction, durable black carpet, embroidered Harmony Audio logo and recessed subwoofer give these subs a great clean look!

C Series
C Series

Hassle-Free Connection

The wire terminal is one of the most important features of the sub which handles the power transfer from your amp to the sub. Cheap outdated spade terminals take more time and effort to install and to keep it connected once installed. All Harmony Audio subs feature a spring-loaded push terminal that will accept direct speaker wire ensuring the ultimate connection and power transfer.

Model HA-C1X12D2 HA-C1X15D2 HA-C2X12D4
Woofer Size (inch) Single 12 Single 15 Dual 12
Impedance @ Terminal Cup (Ohm) 1 1 1
Peak Power (watts) 2200 2800 4400
RMS Power (watts) 1100 1400 2200
Sensitivity (dB) 88.6 89 91.6
Enclosure Material 5/8" MDF Wood 5/8" MDF Wood 5/8" MDF Wood
Enclosure Port Tuning (Hz) 33 30 32
Frequency Response (Hz) 30-300 27-300 29-300
Enclosure Dimensions (inch) 21-5/8 x 14-15/16 x 15-13/16 Top Depth x 18-7/8 Bottom Depth 23-5/8 x 17-5/16 x 16-15/16 Top Depth x 20-7/16 Bottom Depth 33-3/8 x 16-3/4 x 15-13/16 Top Depth x 18-7/8 Bottom Depth
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