Concert Series

Harmony Audio Concert series speakers feature a high powered amplifier and active mixer combined with a 2-Way cabinet designed to project audio loud and wide. The PA speaker includes multiple handles and recessed speaker pole stand mount built into a rugged impact resistant cabinet.

Live Series

Harmony Audio Live series speakers were engineered to be an all-in-one PA speaker solution with Bluetooth media streaming, USB and SD card audio inputs combined into a powerful 2-Way speaker cabinet. The powered amp includes an active mixer with media inputs and traditional mic - line inputs.

Venue Series

Harmony Audio Venue series speakers feature a wood carpeted cabinet paired with a two-way passive speaker combo. The PA speakers feature a unique terminal that has multiple input / output options including Speakon, 1/4" TRS and even bare speaker wire. Built in Speaker Stand.

Pro Audio

Harmony Audio produces a complete line of Pro Audio PA speakers including the Venue series passive PA speakers which feature a unique multi input terminal that accepts virtually any input. Our high powered Concert speakers feature built in amplification with an active mixer for the DJ on the go. The top of the line Live series speakers feature Bluetooth streaming and multiple media inputs with an active mixer and power amplifier make them the perfect all-in-one PA speaker.

Harmony Audio - Pro Audio