Amp Kits

Harmony Audio produces (4) different size amp kits which all include matte finish power wire, RCA cables, speaker wire and all the terminals needed to connect your power hungry amplifier. Our engineers optimized the length of each size cable so its a perfect fit for even larger SUVs and cars.


Harmony Audio produces (3) different styles of fuses in various amperage ratings including AGU, MAXI and MIDI style fuses. The fuses are always sold in multi-packs so you have spares if needed and they are universal making them compatible with any other brand that use the same fuse type.

Ring Terminals

Harmony Audio produces high quality super conductive ring terminals in multiple gauge sizes. Our terminals feature a 5/16" opening which is commonly  found on car batteries, amplifiers and capacitors and they include set screws to maximize current transfer from the power wire to the ring terminal.

Speaker Harnesses

Harmony Audio produces speaker harnesses eliminating the need to cut up factory wiring when installing aftermarket speakers. The plug simply connects into the factory side of the speaker wiring and includes positive and negative spade wire ends. They are available for all the most popular vehicles.

Wire Couplers & Reducers

Harmony Audio produces wire couplers used to safely splice power wire together and wire reducers to connect a larger power wire into an amplifier. The terminals feature set screws for maximum current transfer and tight connection. The brushed Nickel finish provides a classic timeless look.